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I work in the general area of Pattern Recognition & Computer Vision, in particular biometrics (signature, fingerprint, voice, biometric privacy and security); document analysis and retrieval (OCR, online and offline handwriting recognition, mathematical expression recognition); machine learning (ECOC, bias/variance analysis of committees); opinion mining, and social media analysis and information summarization (we have a start-up, SomaTech,  in this area).


Please visit the Biometrics research group and SomaTech webpages, if interested.


If you want to see me, please look at my schedule on the top part of this page and check any available slot between 9:30 and 4pm and email me if you want to make sure I am here; otherwise just stop by (preferred).  I usually go to lunch at 12 and I may not be in school Friday afternoons.

Job announcement:

Undergrad scholarship available in Tübitak Project - about recognizing a plant from its given photograph (see LifeCLEF plaint identification competition). CS or EE student who has taken some image processing/comp. vision courses and has a good academic background in general. If interested, please send me your transcript and a CV.


Ph.D. Computer Science, Dartmouth College, USA (1993).

B.S. and B.A. Computer Engineering, Mathematics (double major), Bogazici University, Turkey (1988).

Galatasaray High-School, Istanbul, Turkey (1983).


Fall 2000 – to present: 

Assoc. Professor, Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Computer Science and Engineering program.


Sabbatical at Michigan State University, USA


IoFlex, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Design and development of image processing and printing/publishing automation software


IBM Almaden Research Center, CA, USA

Visiting Scientist - Document segmentation and recognition problem


Xerox Imaging Systems, MA, USA (ScanSoft)

Researcher - Automatic document segmentation and benchmarking

Fall 1993 - 1994: 

Postdoctoral Researcher, Rockefeller University, NY, USA

Statistical approaches to understanding the human visual system

Teaching (all active courses are on the web – see links above):

Undergraduate :

CS 204 – Advanced Programming (2002/03/04/05/06/07/-/09/10S)      

CS 404 - Artificial Intelligence (2002/03/04/05/06/07/-/-/10F/11F)

Project 102 (Fall terms)

EECS 491 - Design Project (Fall terms)          


CS 581 – Special Topics – Opinion Mining (2011S w/ Yücel Saygın and Dilek Tapucu)

CS 516 – Biometrics (2010S,2011F)

CS 512 – Machine Learning (2007S,2009F,2010F,2011F)

CS 515Neural Networks (2002S)        

CS 580 – Special Topics – Biometrics & Privacy (2007F)

EECS 566 - Pattern Recognition (2002S w/ A. Erçil)


Awards and Honors: 

2013    First Place in ICDAR2013 Competitions on Signature Verification and Writer Identification for On- and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigWiComp2013)

             All tasks:  Online (Japanese signatures) and Offline (Japanese and Dutch signatures)

2013    1st place in one of the two tasks (leafs on simple backgrounds) in ImageCLEF 2013 – Plant Identification Task

              (collaboration with Okan University).

2012    1st place in overall score in both automatic and semi-automatic categories in ImageCLEF 2012 – Plant Identification Task

              (collaboration with Okan University).

2011    4th ranking institution in ImageCLEF 2011 – Plant Identification Task (collaboration with Okan University).

2011    1st place in ESRA2011 Online Signature Evaluation Campaign on Task1-DS3

2011    Winner of the SigComp2011 Offline Signature Verification (on Chinese database; 3rd place in Dutch database)

2010    Top Cited Article Award – Pattern Recognition Letters, 2005-2010 period

2010    Winner of the 4NSIGCOMP2010 Forensic Signature Verification

2008    Tübitak Grant  for Sabbatical - 2019

2006     Alper Atalay Best Student Paper Award, IEEE SIU 2006.

2004     Winner of the First International Signature Verification Competition (SVC 2004)

2003     Interpro Computing Awards – R&D Prize Finalist (Signature Verification System)

1998     IBM Research Division Award for research on handwriting recognition

1993-    Dartmouth College fellowship for doctoral studies.

1993-    Turkish Educational Association Scholarship for graduate studies.

1983-    H.O.Sabanci Academic Scholarship for undergraduate studies.


Research Activities: 

Chair/Co-Chair, Document Recognition and Retrieval (2007,2008)

Co-Guest Editor, Journal of Electronic Imaging: Biometrics Special Section, (March 2008)


Program Committee member, Document Recognition and Retrieval (2005-)

Program Committee member, ISCIS (2003-)
Program Committee member, SIU (2006-)

Program Committee member, Biometric Technology for Human Identification (2009, 2010)

Program Committee member, ICPR (2010)
Program Committee member, DAS (2010)

Program Committee member, ICFHR (2008)

Program Committee member, IWFHR (2002)



You can view my free/busy schedule here (students can drop by w/o extra email, according to this schedule)





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