Those who are thinking of asking a reference letter from me, please note the following, since I am a bit swamped with letter of reference requests:


- ask my reference only if I am really the person who should write one for you (sometimes even a prof. from whom you have taken one course is a good choice to write a letter, if you have done very well in his/her course, I would say more important than taking more courses but doing so so)


- online/offline forms does not matter


- send an online copy of your transcript and statement of purpose; note your rank in your program etc. as well.

- Write 2 paragraphs about yourself, in 3rd person singular, so that I can use it as a ‘starter’. She has finished this school; did a minor in …; received an A- in MNL class; currently have this GPA,… In terms of personality, … (be truthful while being a bit on the positive side).


- Try to share what you have learned (put comments on your webpage, share your CV for others to learn from...)