SUSOFT: Software Engineering Research Group at Sabanci University

The broad research interest of SUSOFT is on programmer productivity. We develop practical techniques and tools to help programmers create cheaper, faster, and more reliable software systems.

Our current research interests include, but not limited to: Combinatorial interaction testing, combining hardware and software instrumentation, systematic testing of multithreaded applications, and software security testing.


TUBITAK 1001, Cost- and Test Case-Aware Combinatorial Interaction Testing, 113E546, 30 months, 2014 (active)

TUBITAK 1001, 110E037, 24 months, 2011 (successfully completed).

TUBITAK 3501, 109E182, 36 months, 2010 (successfully completed)

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant within the 7th European Community Framework Programme, PIRG04-GA-2008-239484/FP7-PEOPLE-IRG-2008, 36 months, 2009 (successfully completed).


Assist. Prof. Cemal Yilmaz


  1. Gulsen Demiroz, Ph.D., in progress.

  2. Mehmet Cagri Calpur, Ph.D., in progress.

  3. Ali Can Atici, Ph.D., in progress (co-advising).

  4. Ozgun Ozusta, M.S., in progress.

  5. Hanefi Mercan, M.S., in progress.


  1. Yusuf Kulah, M.S., SpyCatcher: Lightweight Online Approaches for Detecting Cache-Based Side Channel Attacks, Jan 2015.

  2. Arsalan Javeed, M.S., Gray-Box Combinatorial Interaction Testing, Jan 2015.

  3. Ugur Koc, M.S., Using Simulated Annealing for Computing Test Case-Aware Covering Arrays, Jan 2014.

  4. Burcu Ozcelik, M.S., Lightweight Runtime Failure Prediction, Feb 2012.

  5. Mehmet Cagri Calpur, M.S., Interleaving Coverage Criteria Oriented Testing of Multithreaded Applications, Feb 2012.

  6. Emine Dumlu, M.S., Feedback Driven Adaptive Combinatorial Interaction Testing, July 2011.


Cemal Yilmaz

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering Program

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Sabanci University

Orhanli, Tuzla, Istanbul, 34956, TURKEY


Office: FENS G019

E-mail: cyilmaz [at]

Voice: +90 (216) 483 9532

Fax: +90 (216) 483 9550