Research Interests
Robot Dynamics Modeling

Industrial Robotics and Automation

Walking Robots

Mobile Robots

Sliding Mode Control

Fuzzy Control and Adaptation Systems

Force Control


     1.      Two Legged Humanoid Robot Design, Construction and Control, sponsored by the Turkish Research Council
          with the grant no 106E040, Primary  Investigator, 2006-

2.      Small Hydro Power Plant Project, Automation System Consultant, Sabanci University, 2006-
3.      SCADA and Motion Control System Test and Documentation, Project Manager, Steinbeis Technology Transfer Center Project for Festo, 2005
4.      Microsystem Workstation Project, Human Machine Interface Design Consultant, Sabanci University, 2005-
5.      Automatic Fabric Labeling System, Control System Design Consultant, Sabanci University, 2004-2005
6.      Taguan- A Cable-Driven Robot for A Human Search at Major Disasters, Electrical and Software Design and
          Implementation, International Rescue System Institute, Kobe, Japan, 2003
7.      Zero Moment Point Sensor Design and Application for Humanoids, Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan, 2001.
8.      E-POSTCARD-A Windows based Program for Electronic Postcard Automation for Elderly People via the Use of Touch Panel and Scanner,
         Concept and Visual Basic Graphical User Interface Design, NIRO, Kobe, Japan, 2001.
9.      Preliminary Design for Robotic Manipulators for Land-Mine Clearance Systems, EUREKA! ANGEL Project,
         TUBITAK-Marmara Research Centre (MRC), Turkey, 2000 (Project Manager of the Turkish Team)
10.    Vehicle Mount Land-Mine Detection System Sensor-Data Fusion and Robotic Integration, TUBITAK-MRC., 2000
        (Vehicle Mount Land-Mine Detection System Work Package Manager)
11.    Tiger-Polishing-Shearing Textile Machine PLC Automation, TUBITAK Technology Development Center, 2000.
12.    Automatic Guided Vehicle Electrical, Electronics and Software Design and Implementation, TUBITAK-MRC,
         2000 (Project Manager)
13.    Five Degrees of Freedom Hybrid Robot "MTS Robot H200" Electrical, Electronics and Software Design
          and Implementation, TUBITAK-MRC., 1998.
14.    There Degrees of Freedom Cartesian Robot "Foaming Robot FR40" with Integrated Turn-Table, Electrical, Electronics
          and Software Design and Implementation, TUBITAK Technology Development Center, 1998.
15.    Three Degrees of Freedom Cartesian Pick-and-Place Robot Electrical and Electronics Design and Implementation,
         TUBITAK Technology Development Center, 1997.
16.    Sliding Mode and Fuzzy Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller Design and Implementation for Robotic Manipulators, TUBITAK-MRC, 1995.
17.    Fuzzy Logic Controller Design and Implementation for SCARA Type Manipulators, TUBITAK-MRC, 1994.
18.    Euler-Lagrange Model Derivation for MAMROB-ER15 Industrial Robot, TUBITAK-MRC, 1994.
19.    Trajectory Generation and Inverse Kinematics Routine Generation for Six Degrees of Freedom Industrial Robots, TUBITAK-MRC, 1994.
20.    PLC Applications on Adaptive Temperature Control Systems, EMIKON Control Co., Istanbul, Turkey 1991.