CS 408 - Computer Networks
  Fall 2017

Instructor:  Erdinc Ozturk, FENS 1089, x9514, erdinco@sabanciuniv.edu
TAs:  Halit Alptekin, halitalptekin@sabanciuniv.edu,  (Office and Office Hour: See lab website)
         Beste Seymen, besteseymen@sabanciuniv.edu (Office and Office Hour: See lab website)

Lecture Schedule:   M 12:40 - 15:30,  FENS G035
Lab Schedule:  Section A: M 17:40 - 19:30, FENS G032
                        Section B: R 17:40 - 19:30 FENS G032

Lab and TA web site is here (will be updated).

Main Textbook: Computer Networking with Internet Protocols and Technologies, William Stallings
Reference:  Computer Networks, 4th or 5th edition, Andrew Tanenbaum
Reference:  Computer Networks and Internets, Douglas Comer, 5th or 6th ed.
Reference:  Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet, Kurose and Ross, 4th, 5th or 6th edition
Reference:  Data and Computer Communications, Stallings, 6th or newer edition

Tentative syllabus will be posted here


Tentative Outline (Lecture notes will be posted here after the topics have been covered in lectures)

Labs, Project and Homework Assignments

Tentative Grading(subject to change!!!)

Midterm #1 20%
Midterm #2 20%
Final 35%
Homework, project and labs 25%
If you are not successful with the projects, you will get an F regardless of your exam grades.
All the grades are final after 5 days of announcement.

Make-up Policy

During the last week of classes, I will hold a make-up session for midterms 1 and 2.

Important dates

Midterm Exam #1: October 17th, 19:40-21:40
Midterm Exam #2: Week of November 20th.
Final exam: as scheduled by SR.
Homework, project and lab deadlines will be specified separately