Comparing ASP, CP, ILP on some Challenging Problems

We compare three declarative programming paradigms, Answer Set Programming (ASP), Constraint Programming (CP), and Integer Linear Programming (ILP), on some challenging problems. The idea is to represent each problem in each formalism in a systematic way, compare the formulations both from the point of view of knowledge representation (e.g., how tolerant they are to elaborations) and from the point of view of computational efficiency (in terms of computation time and program size), and investigate possible ways of improving the computational efficiency and other reformulations of the problems based on different mathematical models. For instance, such a study on two challenging applications, wire routing and haplotype inference, is summarized in the paper "Comparing ASP, CP, ILP on two Challenging Applications: Wire Routing and Haplotype Inference", by Coban, Erdem and Ture (LaSh'08).