Openings in Microfluidics and Microthermal Engineering in Microfluidics and Microthermal Engineering Laboratory at SUNUM

Openings for 1 Post Doctoral Research Associate, 2 Ph.D.(Experience on microfabrication is a big plus!) and 2 M.S. students for Fall 2018 are available for the following interdisciplinary and cutting edge research activities (Applicationd eadline is on the 11th May!):

- Design, characterize, and fabricate new generation microfluidic systems such as micropumps and drug delivery systems
- Investigate of heat and fluid flow and phase change in new generation micro heat fluidic systems with enhanced surfaces
- Miniaturize heat sinks to micro scale to accomplish ultra-high heat flux cooling for thermal management of microsystems
- Nanofluid applications in refrigeration, thermal management and targeted drug delivery
- Study and model micro/nano scale cavitating flows in biomedical and energy applications and flows across nanostructured geometries, develop new generation medical equipment

Please contact Prof. Koşar and provide your resume if you are interested. Feel free to inform your friends about these openings.

Undergraduate research opportunities are also available.

This is an excellent opportunity for career development, patent applications, and publishing in the most prestigious journals in related fields.