CS 201 - Introduction to Computing
Fall 2015

3 credits

Instructors:Albert Levi, FENS 1091, x9563, levi@sabanciuniv.edu
Office Hours: Whenever I am in my office (I am generally in my office)
Caution: There is another Albert Levi who is a graduate of SU Material Science and Engineering. Check the email address while writing!

Syllabus is 

Assistants' web site (office hours) is here


Monday 13:40 - 15:30, Tuesday 09:40 - 10:30, FENS G077 (auditorium)
Labs/Recitations:   Sections A1,A2, A3, A4: Thursday 14:40 – 17:30, see schedule for the places
                                Sections B1, B2, B3, B4: Friday 8:40 – 11:30, see schedule for the places
                                Sections C1, C2,C3: Friday 12:40 – 15:30, see schedule for the places
                                Sections D1, D2, D3: Friday 15:40 – 18:30, see schedule for the places



A Computer Science Tapestry, 2nd Edition, Owen L. Astrachan (may not be available in Homer, but the online book is at book's website)

The book has a good website at which you can access the codes shown in the book as well as the book itself in pdf form.
Its address is http://www.cs.duke.edu/csed/tapestry/

The syllabus that is/will be distributed in the first class is here. The course description and the a list of topics that will be covered in class are there.

Lecture Notes and Codes discussed in class are distributed here

Installation guides
You can install Visual Studio 2012 from \\software\microsoft\VisualStudio\Visual_Studio_2012. You have to run this from Start->Run or via Windows Explorer (not through Internet Explorer or any other Web browser). Here is a step-by-step installation guide.

If you want to use is on your Mac machine, you need to install Windows virtual machine first, here is a guide on how to install Windows on your Mac computer.

The programs in the book are in these zip file

Lecture notes will be distributed weekly after the classes finish

week2    (no lectures and recitations due to holiday)
week3    recitation3
week4    recitation4
week5    recitation5
week6and7    recitation6  (recitation7 will be held as makeup recitations on Nov. 3 and 4; see the announcement above)
week8    recitation8
week9    recitation9
week10  recitation10
week11  recitation11 is used for Midterm 2 sample question solution session.
week12  recitation12
week13and14  recitation13   recitation14 is used for Final Exam sample question solution session.


First midterm exam will be on  November 7, 2015, Saturday, 14:00 – 16:00. 
Second midterm exam will be on December 5, 2015, Saturday, 10:00 – 12:00. 
Final Exam will be scheduled by SR/ÖK. It is on December 24, 2015, Thursday, 16:00 - 19:00. 

Sample question set for Midterm 1 is here (only questions). Solutions are here (both questions and solutions).
Sample question set for Midterm 2 is here (only questions). Solutions are here (both questions and solutions).
Sample question set for Final is here (only questions). Solutions are here (both questions and solutions).

Homework - assigned and collected at SUCourse.

There will be 7 programming homework. Recitations will mostly be used for clarification about the homework. Late penalty is 10% of full grade for each day (only one late day is allowed).
You have to submit your own work! If you submit a traded or plagiarized homework, you will get -100 (minus 100) on the first case. If you repeat this action, you automatically fail the course. Moreover, all unethical behaviors like plagiarism will be reported to the Dean's office for disciplinary actions. 

Tentative Grading

Two Midterm Exams:  23% (each)
Final Exam: 34%
Homeworks: 20% (total) - 7 homework will be assigned and they are not of equal weight (distribution of 20% among assignments will be determined at the end of the course). However, all of the homework assignments will be considered in grading.

Important Notice about grading: Weighted average is not the only criterion in letter grading; exam average may also be taken into consideration.

Expectations form Students