Week 3

This week, we continued with pointers, dynamic memory allocation and linked lists. Some of this week's material was in the previous week's slides (2.1-pointers-linkedlists.ppt), but I also include them below for the sake of convenience. This week, we started another set of slides (2.2-pointers-linkedlists.ppt), but we did not cover all. The slide numbers that we covered are given below. We will continue with these ppt files next week.

This week I also overviewed the recursion concept from CS201.

The materials of this and the previous week  are mostly from Chapters 4 and 5 of Horton and Chapter 12 of Tapestry. However, we have not covered everything from these chapters and some covered topics may not be in the books. Thus, please mostly refer to slides and what I have said and shown in class.

Powerpoint files

2.1-pointers-linkedlists.ppt(This file has been modified on Feb. 21, 2017; if you have downloaded before, please do so again)
                                        (we covered all slides of this file except 41, 42, 43, 50, 51, 52; we will continue next week)
2.2-pointers-linkedlists.ppt  (we covered the slides 1-7, 9-10, 17-18, 21-23, 31-34; we will continue next week)
2a-recursion.ppt    (This is an overview of recursion concept from CS201)

C++ codes discussed in class (some of them might have been modified in class to show extra features)

(this file contains more code than what we covered, please be aware of that)



Recursion related codes are from CS201 and given below for your convenience
Some of these programs require cpp or h files of Tapestry (CS201 book). The codes of Tapestry can be found here.