Week 7

This week we continued and finished the ppt file given in the previous week (4.1-advanced-classes.ppt). Related files and the codes are under week7 link.

This week we also covered iterator and friend classes from Tapestry (see the 4.2-advanced-classes.ppt  for the page references). However, we also developed iterator class for our own running example of integer linked list (not in the book). Moreover, I added some extra features to Tapestry's example (LinkStringSet class and its iterator class) to update the node contents using iterators. The extra features are in 4.2-advanced-classes.ppt and in referred codes given below (but not in the book).

Powerpoint file


C++ codes discussed in class (some of them might have been modified in class to show extra features)

(LinkedListIterator.h and LinkedListIterator.cpp are class definition and implementation; LinkedListIteratordemo.cpp  is a demo application)

The following 3 files (linkstringset.h, linkstringset.cpp and linksetdemo.cpp) have also been given under week 6 content. This week we discussed iterators on this class. 
(linkstringset.h and linkstringset.cpp are class definition and implementation; linksetdemo.cpp  is a demo application)