Albert Levi and M. Ufuk Caglayan, "Verification of Classical Certificates via Nested Certificates and Nested Certificate Paths", to appear in Eighth International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN'99), Boston, MA, USA, October 1999.

Abstract - Nested certificates are used to certify their subject certificates. In this way, the subject certificates can be verified via their nested certificates without using signature verification methods based on public key cryptosystems. Such a verification method is called as subject certificate verification. In this paper, subject certificate verification method will be introduced. It will be shown that subject certificate verification has the same confidence as the cryptographic certificate verification also. Moreover, subject certificate verification is faster than the cryptographic certificate verification. It will also be shown that a classical certificate can be verified via a sequence of nested certificates called nested certificate path and such verification has the same confidence as the cryptographic verification of the same certificate. Nested certificate path verification is faster than the classical certificate path verification also. Moreover in this paper, simulation results will be presented for the efficiency improvement in the nested certificate path verification method over the cryptographic classical certificate path verification method.

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