Abdurrahman B. Aydemir


1. Refereed Scholarly Publications


a. Articles in Academic Journals


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b. Refereed Contributions in Edited Books


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2. Edited Books and Monographs

Essays on the Repeat Use of Unemployment Insurance, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, 2001, Ottawa. (Co-editor with Saul Schwartz, Carleton University).


3. Technical Reports

Quasi-experimental Impact Analysis of the Effects on Earnings of Participation in Youth Internship Canada , Part of the Evaluation of the Youth Employment Strategy for the Evaluation Branch of Human Resources and Development Canada, 1999. (with Saul Schwartz, Carleton University).


4. Working Papers

“Estimating the Effects of Immigration Policy: Disentangling Policy Effects from Self-Selection”.


“Intergenerational Mobility in Educational Attainment Among the Children of Canadian Immigrants” (with Miles Corak and Wen-Hao Chen) submitted .