Computer Science and Engineering Program

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey 34956  


Office: FENS 2056




Research Areas:


Pattern Recognition & Computer Vision, in particular biometrics (signature, fingerprint, voice, biometric privacy and security); document analysis and retrieval (OCR, online and offline handwriting recognition, mathematical expression recognition); machine learning applications (plant and face recognition; attribute-based classifiers); opinion mining, and social media analysis.


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Research/Project Pages:

·       Plant identification and disease detection   

·       Face attributes & Attribute-classifiers


Teaching (this term): CS412




Ph.D. Computer Science, Dartmouth College, USA (1993).

B.S. and B.A. Computer Engineering, Mathematics (double major), Bogazici University, Turkey (1988).

Galatasaray High-School, Istanbul, Turkey (1983). 


Research & Service Activities:  

IEEE Biometrics Council Newsletter – Associate Editor (2017-)


Invited Panelist, Boğaziçi University, “Bilim ve Teknolojide Lider Kadınlar Zirvesi”, Feb 17, 2018

Invited Speaker, Google Developers Group, ‘’Anita Borg Doğumgünü Etkinlikleri: Kadın Bilişimcileri Dinliyoruz’’, Jan 17, 2015 

Invited Tutorial Speaker, “Biometric Technologies”, @CMU Qatar, April 8, 2015


Program Committee member, Document Recognition and Retrieval (DRR) (2005-2012)

Program Committee member, Document Analysis Systems (DAS) (2010,2016)

Program Committee member, Biometric Technology for Human Identification (2009, 2010)

Program Committee member, Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition (ICPR) (2010)

Program Committee member, Document Analysis Systems (DAS) (2010)

Program Committee member, Int. Conf. on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR) (2008)


Chair/Co-Chair, Document Recognition and Retrieval (2007,2008)

Co-Guest Editor, Journal of Electronic Imaging: Biometrics Special Section, (March 2008)


Program Committee member, SIU (2006-…)

Program Committee member, ISCIS (2003)

Program Committee member, IWFHR (2002)



If you want to see me, please look at my schedule and check any available slot between 9:00 and 4pm and email me if you want to make sure I am here; otherwise just stop by (preferred).  I usually go to lunch at 12 and I may not be in school Friday afternoons. 



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