CS 404

Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2010


We will cover the chapters that are in red. I will also include a brief  exposure to the field of computer vision, if time permits.


The chapters in the 3rd edition of the book have the same chapter names, though chapter numbers may differ.


AIMA 2nd Edition Chapters:

Part I Artificial Intelligence
     1 Introduction
     2 Intelligent Agents

Part II Problem Solving
     3 Solving Problems by Searching
     4 Informed Search and Exploration
     5 Constraint Satisfaction Problems (pdf)
     6 Adversarial Search

Part III Knowledge and Reasoning
     7 Logical Agents (pdf)
     8 First-Order Logic
     9 Inference in First-Order Logic
    10 Knowledge Representation

Part IV Planning
    11 Planning (pdf)
    12 Planning and Acting in the Real World

Part V Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning
    13 Uncertainty
    14 Probabilistic Reasoning

    15 Probabilistic Reasoning Over Time
    16 Making Simple Decisions
    17 Making Complex Decisions

Part VI Learning
    18 Learning from Observations
    19 Knowledge in Learning
    20 Statistical Learning Methods (pdf)
    21 Reinforcement Learning






Part VII Communicating, Perceiving, and Acting
    22 Communication
    23 Probabilistic Language Processing
    24 Perception
    25 Robotics

Part VIII Conclusions
    26 Philosophical Foundations
    27 AI: Present and Future