I graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department at Bogazici Universityin 1996. Afterwards, I completed my master's and PhD degrees at the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Departmentat University of California, Berkeleyin 1997 and 2002, respectively.

Upon completing my PhD, I decided to leave academia in order to explore what else is out there and started to work at Rapt Inc. (later acquired by Microsoft Advertising), a small company in San Francisco who used to develop decision support systems for product pricing. I was part of the customer services team responsible for the modeling of business problems and implementations. As much as I liked my work, it soon became clear to me that working for a living was a tough endeavor, and I ended up back in academia at the Industrial Engineering Programat Sabanci University, Istanbul, where I have been teaching since September 2003. 

Since 2016, I have also been involved as one of the three partners in Accelera Business Solutions, a young data science & advanced analytics services and technology provider established in Istanbul.

You can find my detailed vitae here.