For current students at Sabanci University: If you would like to discuss research opportunities in our research team, please send Professor Ow-Yang an email describing your interests with a copy of your CV.

For prospective graduate study applicants: Interested students should apply to the graduate program in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Application information can be found here. Do please send Professor Ow-Yang an email indicating your interest with a copy of your CV and publications.

Interested post-docs should send an email indicating your interest with a copy of your CV and publications to Professor Ow-Yang.


If you have any of the following skills and experience, please mention them in your email and give details:

       Undergraduate and/or graduate coursework in materials science, optics/photonics, applied physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.

       Research experience as an undergraduate or master's student

       Experimental experience with materials synthesis (colloidal, polymer, and thin film techniques) and characterization

       Experimental TEM and AFM experience in research

       Experimental optics experience, in research or laboratory classes

       Experimental microfabrication experience, experience working in a cleanroom

       Experience in building equipment

       Experience with electronics instrumentation, in research or laboratory classes.

       Scientific programming and/or familiarity with LabView, MatLab, Mathematica, and C++ software

       Strong verbal and written English communication skills

       Teaching experience

       Leadership and teamwork experience (non-academic activities included)