Research Interests

Design Optimization
Optimization theory and algorithms
Optimal design of complex and new technology products
Domain-specific optimal design of mechanical structures, biomedical/biomechanical devices and electromagnetic systems (specifically patch antennas); multi-disciplinary design optimization of integrated thermo-mechanical and electrical systems

Material Design and Fabrication
Topology optimization for material microstructures
Homogenization method in mechanics of composites
Development of new synthetic materials for smart passively reconfigurable ground planes and MEMS technology for antenna reconfiguration
Sophisticated three-dimensional ceramic and inhomogeneous substrate fabrication (Solid Free Form Fabrication, Micro Fabrication by Co-Extrusion, etc.)

Computational Mechanics
Effective material characterization of nonlinear composites
Development of finite elements for computational mechanics and electromagnetics, with an emphasis on advanced micro-material modeling
Mathematical models and efficient computational procedures for material microstructure design

Electromagnetics (EM)
Theory of electromagnetic materials and design of novel composites
Development of finite element and integral computational methods (time and frequency domain) for efficient modeling of photonic crystals
Topology optimization methods for miniaturized RF applications
Domain-specific design applications: miniature narrowband antennas, multifunction arrays, broadband miniature antennas, miniature passive elements matching circuits, antennas-on-platforms etc.

Tissue Engineering

Topology Optimization of artificial tissues and organs

New material synthesis and fabrication of artificial tissues and organs

Design of active tissue scaffolds

Multi-disciplinary analysis and design of multi-scale tissue scaffolds




Dr. Güllü Kızıltaş Şendur
Sabanci University
Mechatronics Engineering

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