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1.      Dynamic Risk Assessment Management in Health Care Insurance Systems, Advisor, funded by TUBITAK-TEYDEB, Budget: appr. 1,100,000 TL (SU Share is 75,000 TL + VAT) (2011-2013)


2.      Hybrid Genetic Fuzzy System Modelling Development – Application In Innovation Management, Principal Investigator, funded by TUBITAK- 2219, Budget: appr. 30.000 TL (2011)


3.      Fraud Detection in Health Care Insurance Systems; A Decision Support System, Advisor, funded by TUBITAK-TEYDEB, Budget: appr. 978.000 $ (SU share is 180.000 TL+ VAT), (2008-2011)


4.      A Decision Support System for Developing Innovation Policies, Principal Investigator, funded by TUBITAK Career Development Grant Program, Budget: 111.950 TL, (2008 - 2010)


5.      Innovative Models and Applications in Manufacturing Industries Research Project, Researcher, funded by TUBITAK - 1001, Budget: 122.428 TL, (2006-2008)


6.      Project Analysis and Development Methodology, Researcher, funded by Logo Business Solutions and TUBITAK- TIDEB(2002-2003)