CS 432 - Computer and Network Security
Spring 2017

3 credits

Instructor:  Albert Levi, FENS 1091, x9563, levi@sabanciuniv.edu
Assistants: Halit Alptekin and Ömer Mert Candan (See lab website for the office hours)

This is a 3-credit course that focuses on security applications and cryptographic protocols. An overview of cryptography will be given in the first couple of weeks.

Schedule: Lectures: T 16:40 – 17:30 FASS G022, Th 10:40 - 12:30, FASS G049
                   Recitations/Labs: F 14:40 - 1630, FENS G032 (both sections will meet there) (we will not use this hour all the time; you will be informed when there is recitation/lab through lab website)
Text: Cryptography and Network Security, 7th edition (5th and 6th editions are also OK), William Stallings
Reference: Computer Security, Dieter Gollmann
                 Computer Security: Principles and Practice, William Stallings and Lawrie Brown

Course Syllabus is here

Lab and TA web Site is here


Tentative Outline (Lecture notes will be posted here)


Student responsibilities and loads (tentative)

Tentative Grading and Timing

Midterm Exam    25-30%    April 21, 2017, Friday, 14:40-16:30 (lab/recit hour)    week 10
Final Exam    35-40%    as scheduled by ÖK/SR (May 27, 2017, Saturday, 12:30)
Homework, Lab, Project, CtF   30-40%

Make-up Policy

No make-up! If you miss something, you miss it no matter the reason is!