Curriculum Vitae, Academic Record and Publication List of

Assoc. Prof. Levent Ozturk





Name                                                       : Levent Ozturk

Mailing Address                                   : Sabanci University

                    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

                                                    Istanbul-TURKEY (TR)

Place and Date of Birth                      : Mersin-Turkey, 16.03.1971

Residency Status                                   : Republic of Turkey

Gender                                                    : Male

Current Position                                   : Faculty Member

Martial Status                                       : Married

Phone                                                      : +90-216-483-9613

Fax                                                           : +90-216-483-9550

E-mail                                                     :





1990-1994     Bachelor’s degree from Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science

1994-1996     MSc. degree from Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science

10.03.1995     Employment as Research Assistant at Cukurova University, Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences

1996-2001     PhD. degree from Cukurova University, Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences

21.06.2001     Employment as an Assistant Professor at Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture

14.04.2004     Possession of Associate Professorship degree by ÜAK of Turkey

01.07.2004     Employment as a visiting scientist at Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

01.03.2006     Employment as a faculty member at Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (continuing)

27.09.2010-25.08.2011        Sabbatical leave for two semesters at the USDA Nutrition Lab, Cornell University USA





15.07-15.09.1994     Summer training at Hohenheim University, Institute for Plant Nutrition, Stuttgart-Germany

15.08-12.09.1996     Training on laboratory techniques at Hohenheim University, Institute for Plant Nutrition, Stuttgart-Germany

07.03-24.03.1997     Technical Course on ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Argon-Emission Spectrometer) operation at Jobin Yvon I.S.A., Paris-France

10.11-16.11.1997     Technical training on Photosynthesis Rate Analyzer at Analytical Development Co., London-UK

07.10-11.12.1998     Training on laboratory techniques at Weizmann Institute of Science, Plant Genetics Department, Rehovot-Israel

20.04-17.05.1999     Training on trace element analysis in plant material and ICP applications at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY-USA

21.09-11.10.2003     Short-term laboratory study at University of Western Australia, Perth-Australia

01.03-31.03.2004     Short-term laboratory study at Hohenheim University, Institute for Plant Nutrition, Stuttgart-Germany

08.09-19.09.2006     NATO Advanced Study Institute “Novel biotechnologies for biocontrol agent enhancement and management”, Perugia-Italy




BIO 335 Analytical Techniques

BIO 330 Environmental Plant Biology

BIO 543 Plant Stress Physiology







2002-2006 TÜBİTAK TOGTAG-2916: Tolerance to Low Temperature Stress and the Role of Antioxidative Defense Mechanisms in Tomato

2008-2011 TÜBİTAK 108T436: Physiological characterization of mechanisms involved in transport of zinc in to wheat grain

2013-2016 TÜBİTAK 113Z129: Effects of Magnesium and Potassium Nutrition on Transport of Photoassimilates under Elevated Carbon Dioxide Conditions







1993-1997 NATO-SFS/TU-Genotypes: Selection and Characterization of Cereal Genotypes with High Zinc Efficiency and Evaluation of Bioavailability of Zinc in Wheat for the Central Anatolia Region

1994-1997 GIARA-D223 (German Israel Agricultural Research Agreement): Role of Oxygen Radicals and Lipid Peroxidation in Drought Resistance in Wheat Genotypes

1996-1997 DANIDA/IFPRI: Evaluation of Micro Element Concentrations of Turkish and Other Origin Wheat Genotypes.

1996-1998 NATO-CP: Evaluation of Wheat Genotypes Resistant to Zn Deficiency and Localization of Genes Responsible from Resistance to Zinc Deficiency

2005-2007 HarvestPlus Biofortification Challenge Program: Improving Zinc and Protein Content of Wheat Grain by Introgression of Genes from its Wild Progenitor

2005-2009 EU-Project QUALIFO (subcontractor): Organic and Low Input Production Methods

2005-2008 CIMMYT-HarvestPlus: Agronomy-Related Approaches Improving Wheat Zinc Nutrition

2008-2010 HarvestPlus: Use of Zinc-Containing Fertilizers for Enriching Cereal Grains with Zinc and Improving Yield in Different Countries (1st Phase)

2011-2014 HarvestPlus: Use of Zinc-Containing Fertilizers for Enriching Cereal Grains with Zinc and Improving Yield in Different Countries (2nd Phase)

2010-2016 HarvestPlus: Improving Zinc and Protein Content of Wheat Grain by Introgression of Genes from its Wild Progenitor

2009-2014 European Comission: Improving Nutrient Efficiency in Major European Food, Feed and Biofuel Crops to Reduce the Negative Environmental Impact of Crop Production (Project NUE-crops)

2013-2018 European Comission: An integrated approach to diversify the genetic base, improve stress resistance, agronomic management and nutritional/processing quality of minor cereal crops for human nutrition in Europe.




1998-2001 TÜBİTAK (TOGTAG/TARP-2028): Screening of Phosphorus-Efficient Wheat Genotypes and Characterization of Morphological and Physiological Mechanisms Involved in Phosphorus Efficiency

2005-2006 Istanbul Municipality ISTAC Co.: Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste Compost as an Organic Soil Amendment

2005-2010 State Planning Organization: Exploitation of Wild Wheat to Improve Grain Concentration of Iron and Zinc in Modern Wheat

2006-2008 TÜBİTAK (105O637): Determination of Selenium Status of Soils and Cereals in Selected Regions in Turkey and Response of Wheat to Selenium Fertilizers

2006-2009 TÜBİTAK Kamu (105G148): Investigation of the IBB-Kemerburgaz Composting Facility Compost Product for its Utilization in Plant Production as an Organic Fertilizer

PUBLICATONS (Articles Published in International Refereed Journals and Indexed in SCI)


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(Updated September 24th 2015)