YoungTurks over the years
Past and Present Members of MAG Research Group



Our first research group at the American Ceramic Society Meeting 2004 : (from left to right:)

(now) Dr. Yener Kuru, (now) Dr. Istem Ozen, Prof. Mehmet Ali Gulgun, (now)Dr. Arzu Altay, (soon to be Dr.) Cinar Oncel

Arzu, Istem and Cinar at their young days: their smiles never faded.

Berkem (now at Uni ULM) and Gokce (now at Uni Akron) after a hard day’s work
Berkem Ozkaya and Gokce Ugur (both BS in MatSE)


Osman,the skipper, one of the founders of the brotherhood of Nerds, in his day-job disguise


Osman Ertorer


Cinar and Istem wildly celebrating successfully passing of their graduate exams (Sept 2003)

we were at Develi Kebab in Marina Kalamis Istanbul

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Ceren Die Ferrari and Serap De Fortyhandy

enjoying an evening in the lab (2007)


The "Pink" smile again bringing the sun into the office. Watch out:

"if you think small is powerless you have never been in a room with a mosquito before"

.....said a very infamous scientist once (-:

2006 was a wonderful year with many wonderful graduates
How could Glass make so much fun? (Oct 2007)

 Pasabahce Luleburgaz Factory visit

Oct 2007 Fall 2007 Salih Buyukkilic

one of the "undying grass" in the group. Some never run out of energy.

sometimes I wonder if Isil was practicing her future profession when she was presenting a short lecture on one of her favorite topics. She gave a very nice talk on what she learned during her internship at MPI-Stuttgart 2007.

  sometimes celebrations and farewells overlap. Materials Science is a small community. we will see each of these wonderful young scientists again and again in the research arena. This may be the last picture of Osman as a young bachelor...(-:

Best part of being a professor at Sabanci University is working with these wonderful, smart, and witty young minds. How can one not be proud of them?

Dec 2007

This may be THE best picture taken from this infamous your scientist (aka moscute-o), ever.....(it must be the photographer (-:)