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New: Information about the 2nd Progress Meeting at Sabanci University in Istanbul.


Turkish WordNet Project is a part of BalkaNet Project, which aims at the design and development of a multilingual lexical database for the Balkan languages Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, and Serbian with individual monolingual wordnets (electronical lexical thesauri based on word meanings rather than word forms). The wordnets will be structured in the same way as the EuroWordNet with synsets (sets of synonymous words) and ILI (Inter-Lingual-Index) that links the individual wordnets. The main concept of wordnets is introduced by Miller in Princeton WordNet, which is designed and implemented for English.

As a participant of BalkaNet Project, Sabancı University will implement Turkish WordNet, in which development and semantic organization of Turkish synsets, addition of the language-specific features to monolingual wordnet, design of the architecture of the database system corresponding to the Turkish wordnet are included.

The project is funded by the European Union IST Programme by grant no. IST-2000-29388.

Project Members:

Kemal Oflazer (Director) 
Özlem Çetinoğlu 
Orhan Bilgin 


dblab.upatras.gr: A repository where you can find introductory documentation about BalkaNet Project under Balkanet-->Public Area folder
WordNet Online: You can use Princeton WordNet online on this page

Other Participants:

University of Patras (DBLAB) - Greece
Computer Technology Institute (CTI) - Greece
University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza (UAIC) - Romania
Academia Romana - Centrul Pentru Cercetari Avansate In Invatarea Automata (RACAI) - Romania
Bulgarian Academy of Science - Institute of Bulgarian Language (IBL-DCMB) - Bulgaria
Masaryk University Brno - Faculty of Informatics (FI MU) - Czech Republic
Memodata (MEM) - France
University of Plovdiv (PU) - Bulgaria
University of Athens (UOA) - Greece