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  1. Wide Field Monitor Experiment of the Enhanced X-Ray Timing and Polarimetry (eXTP) project, a joint mission of European Space Agency (ESA) and Institute of High Energy Physics(IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Consortium includes 27 countries. Duration 24 months. Budget of Sabanci University contribution: 217,000USD. Deliverables: Safety critical software specification and development for the experiment management system on the satellite platform. Role: Researcher. https://www.isdc.unige.ch/extp/
  2. Smart and Networking Underwater Robots in Cooperation Meshes, ”SWARMs”, H2020 ECSEL project, 2015 – 2018. Project no: 662107. Duration 36 months, total budget 17.3M EUR, Sa- banci Univ. budget 515,400EUR. Deliverables: Networked control of autonomous underwater vehicles (robotic submarine) under poor communication and visibility conditions. Member of consortium of 30 partners. Role: Country PI. http://www.swarms.eu
  3. Drive and Safety Methods for New Generation Elevator Systems-2, Japanese Company, 2010-2013. Duration 36 months, budget:440000USD, deliverable:Electromechanical brake system design method and prototype. Primary investigator.
  4. Remote prognostics for commercial vehicles, with a major Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer, supported partially by Industry and Trade Ministry of Turkey 2009-2011. Duration 24 months, budget:100000USD, deliverables: Vehicle prognostic methodologies, implementation of on-board network health monitoring and long range communication systems and malfunction database for buses. Primary investigator.
  5. Drive and Safety Methods for New Generation Elevator Systems, Japanese Company, 2007-2009. Duration 24 months(may be extended), budget:150000USD, deliverable:Electromechanical brake system design method and prototype. Primary investigator. COMPLETED in Sep. 2009. Extension isexpected.
  6. Control over Lossy Communication networks(TUBITAK 1001), Sabanci University, 2007-2009. Duration 24 monts, budget: 110000USD, deliverable: Networked control computer design method. Primary investigator. TUBITAK project code: 106E155. COMPLETED in Aug. 2009.
  7. Nanofiber Woven Wing Application for Micro Aerial Vehicle, Sabanci University, 2005-2007. Duration: 24 months, budget: 150000USD, deliverable: Prototype. Internal project code: TACF 05-00334
  8. Bipedal Humanoid Robot Design Production and Control(TUBITAK 1001), Sabanci University, 2006-2009. Duration: 36 months, budget: 300000USD, deliverable: Humanoid walking robot prototype.
  9. Solar car prototype. Design, material selection and prototyping of electronic subsystem, consultation for mechanical design, Sabanci University, 2005. Budget 15000USD, deliverable: Prototype.
  10. Automatic Fabric Labeling System, Control System Design Consultant, 2004-2005; duration1year, budget 40 000 USD, deliverable: Prototype. Internal project code: EACF 05-00260
  11. Design and prototyping of a general purpose, open architecture computing, communication and electronics system for a micro system assembly and manipulation workstation(for Government), 2005-2007. Duration 2 years, budget 700,000USD, deliverable: Prototype, journal and conference publications. Internal project code: EACF 05-00268
  12. Design of a very small footprint, expandable real-time Linux operating system, 2003-2005. Duration 2 years, budget 5000USD, deliverable: Prototype, publications.
  13. Design and implementation of Multi-Legged Walking Robot for the Study of Emergent Gait Patterns, Kyoto University, Japan, 1999. Duration 1 year, budget 40 000 USD, deliverables: Prototype, journal and conference publications.