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Awards, Memberships, Visits



  1. IEEE 2004-
  2. Steinbeis GMBH, Steinbeis Turkey, Steinbeis Sabanci University Mechatronics 2004-
  3. ABIGEM; European Union Business Development Center, Development Consultant. 2005-


  1. Kyoto Shimbun Company (Kyoto Newspaper), financial support towards the doctoral degree award, 1998.
  2. Highest level certificate in the Japanese language level proficiency test 1999
  3. FP6 project proposal support grant, TUBITAK. Subject: “Design and prototyping of sensor networks to be used in disaster rescue.” 2004.
  4. Best paper award: International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering ICME CME2014, Sandor Markon, Ahmet Onat, Satoshi Maekawa "Multi-Modal Interaction for Medical Visualization with Floating Images"
  5. Best paper award: International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering 2015, Sandor Markon, Satoshi Maekawa, Ahmet Onat, "Context oriented medical visualization with floating images"

International Research Visits

  1. 2001 August. Kyoto University, Japan. Data acquisition in the walking experiments of Myriapod walking robot, design and implementation of non-holonomic robot with vision system.
  2. 2004 August, Maribor University Slovenia. Fast prototyping in embedded systems.
  3. 2006 August/September, Kyoto University Japan. Distributed control in legged robots.
  4. 2010 August, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Kyoto, Japan. Development work on robot assisted 3D visual display.
  5. 2012 April, Malardalen Univ. Erasmus staff exchange.
Last update: June. 2015