Serhat Yesilyurt
Sabanci University
Tuzla, Istanbul
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Research Interests

Bio-inspired micro-swimming robots has a huge potential to revolutionize the modern medicine. Currently, we are studying controllable propulsion mechanisms and the swimming behavior of natural and artificial micro swimmers in channels and confinements with experiments on mm-long helical magnetic structures, and developing computational models to analyze hydrodynamic interactions between micro swimmers and channel boundaries. We are interested in collaborating national and international partners on using micro/nano swimmers to identify nano-bio interactions.


Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) have high energy density that can match the IC engines in automotive applications; however, degradation and durability issues prohibit the rapid commercialization of PEMFCs despite their advantages and high potential. We are studying simplified designs of PEMFC that have very high utilization of hydrogen and the modeling of mechanical deformation and degradation of PEMFCs coupled with energy, charge and mass transport of gas and liquid species and electrochemical kinetics.  We are interested in collaborating with national and international partners in development of durable and robust PEMFCs for extreme operating conditions.


Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) are attractive in small scale applications in urban areas and remote locations owing to their simplicity and omnidirectional operation. Currently we are studying design and energy-efficient power control of VAWTs with CFD simulations and hardware-in-the-loop simulators. We are interested in collaborating with national and international partners to develop VAWTs that can operate in extreme wind conditions.


General research interests include:

·       Viscous flows including microflows

·       Heat transfer

·       Simulation-based analysis & design

·       Renewable & sustainable energy systems






[02-present] Faculty Member, Mechatronics Eng., Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

[08&16] Visiting Prof., Automotive Res. Cent., Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
[98-02] Sr. Simulations Engineer, Cape Simulations, Natick, MA, USA
[97-98] Post-doctoral Associate, FSU, Comp. Sci. and Eng. Prog., Tallahassee, FL, USA
[95-96] Post-doctoral Associate, MIT, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Cambridge, MA, USA
[91-95] Research Assistant, MIT, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Cambridge, MA, USA



  1. ENS206 Systems Modeling & Control   (Spring 03, 04)
  2. ENS207 Introduction to Energy Systems (Fall 13 - current)
  3. ME307 Fluid Dynamics  (Spring 05-Fall 14)
  4. ME309 Heat & Mass Transfer  (03-09)
  5. ME409 Microsystems Technology  (Falls 03-05)
  6. ME410 Computer Aided Engineering  (Falls, 02-09)
  7. ME411 Mechanical System Design (Spring 09)
  8. ME415 Computational Analysis & Simulation (Spring 10 - current)
  9. ME420 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Systems (Spring 10 - current)
  10. EE572 Simulation and Animation of Motion (Spring 04, 05)
  11. ME561 Advanced Fluid Mechanics  (Fall 06, 09)



1.     Modeling of static and rotating magnetic field effects on crystal growth, NAS8-40899 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 1998-2000 (Co-PI)

2.     Computational analysis of traveling magnetic fields, Universities Space Research Association, USRA3548-1 (subcontract, NAS8-00128 Prime Contract), 2001 (Co-PI)

3.     Modeling of the transients of the PEM Fuel Cells, Sabanci University Internal Grant; Budget: 20,000 TL; 2004-2006 (PI).

4.     Modeling and validation of PEM Fuel Cells, TUBITAK; Budget: 40,000 TL; 2005-2009 (PI).

5.     Analysis of the traveling-plane wave mechanism for  he propulsion of microswimmers, Sabanci University Internal Grant; Budget: 163,000 TL; 2006-2008 (PI).

6.     Measurement of surface displacement and deformation by three dimensional optical holography and microphone array, TUBİTAK, 2007-2010 (Co-PI).

7.     Boiling heat transfer and boiling instabilities in microchannels, TUBİTAK, 2008-2011 (Co-PI).

8.     Modeling and Validation of Transport, Deformation and Degradation in PEM Fuel Cells with Dead-Ended-Anode Operation, TUBITAK-NSF Joint Project, TUBITAK-Budget: 185,000 TL; 2009-2012 (PI in TUBITAK, Co-PI in NSF).

9.     Characterization and modeling of the helices rotating and moving inside tubes with small diameters, TUBITAK, Budget: 158,000 TL; Jan 2012- Jan.2014 (PI).

10.  A prototype development for portable power generation with vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) for communication towers, SU-Internal Grant, Budget: 109,000 TL; 9/2012 – 8/2015 (PI)

11.  Design, manufacturing and membrane, electrode and catalyst development and testing for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells operating at ultra-low stoichiometric flows in the anode. TUBITAK - 1003, MAG 213M023, Budget: 2,035,364 TL, 8/2014 – 8/2017 (Project Director and PI)



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