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Selected Publications (pdf)


Characterization of the S3Subsite Specificity of Cathepsin B (Article: Journal of Biological Chemistry - 1995)


Introducing Freshmen Students to the Practice of Solid-Phase Synthesis (Abstract)(Article: Journal of Chemical Education - 2002)


Imprinting of Lyophilized a-Chymotrypsin Affects the Reactivity of the Active-Site Imidazole (Article: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - 1997)


Chemical Modification of Lyophilized Proteins in Non-aqueous Environments (Article: Journal of Protein Chemistry - 1997)


Non-aqueous Chemical Modification of Lyophilized Proteins (Book: Techniques in Protein Chemistry Chapter: VIII - 1997)


A Convenient Preparation of Iodoferrocenes (Article: Polyhedron - 1993)


Direct Immobilization of Oligonucleotides on Polymer Supports. Use of FMOC Derivatives in DNA/RNA Synthesis. Methods for Using Immobilized Nucleotides (Article: Symposium on Innovation & Perspectives in Solid Phase Synthesis & Combinatorial Libraries)


Selected Presentations (pdf and jpg formats)


Coatings that feature covalent-like fastness can be bonded non-covalently to low-surface-energy polymers: Evidence supporting the stepwise intercalation, activation and cross-linking of reactable monomers (Gözde I. Öztürk, Helen T. Vakos, Wolfgang Voelter and Alpay Taralp)


Cotton gauze bearing non-diffusible quaternary ammonium salts and featuring anti-microbial activity: An example of single-use articles tailored to self-sterilize (Damla Köylü, Kivanç Bilecen, Erinç Sahin, Gülengül Duman and Alpay Taralp)


Construction of a vector permitting immobilization and visualization of enzymes on compatible polymeric surfaces (Erinç Sahin, Zehra Sayers and Alpay Taralp)


Practical materials for heavy metal ion chelation: Polyethylenimines tailored onto the surface of porous silica (Sibel Pürçüklü, Burçin Yildiz and Alpay Taralp)


Surface modifications of silica and alumina achieved by way of a simple in-house set-up (Umut Soydaner, Burçin Yildiz and Alpay Taralp)


Surface modification of porous silicon dioxides achieved using conventional solution-phase reagents under solvent-free conditions (Alpay Taralp, Döne Demirgöz, Helen T. Vakos, Gabriel Alvarado Urbina & Wolfgang Voelter)



Polypropylene surfaces manipulated at the mesoscale: Degradative chemical oscillations applied to surface functional group design and protein binding (Alpay Taralp, Döne Demirgöz, Markus Kolodzie, Helen T. Vakos & Wolfgang Voelter)


Assessing the practicality of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy in characterizing multi-step transformations of polypropylene surfaces and sub-surfaces: Utility and time savings realized (Markus Kolodzie and Alpay Taralp)


Topology and surface functional groups manipulated in preformed plastics: Eppendorf Tubes modified for protein binding (Alpay Taralp)


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