PhD Alumni

Elif Özden Yenigün

July 2012- February 2013 : Visiting Scientist in University of Cambridge, UK.

2008 - 2013 : PhD student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

October 2013 - present : Faculty member at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Textile Engineering

Research Areas: Multi-scale Modelling of Nanocomposites (molecular dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics), Electrospun Surface Modified Nanofiber Reinforced Composites, Optimization of Electrospinning/ Electrospraying Process, Dispersion Enhancement studies of CNTs in polymer matrix via computational and experimental techniques, Nanofiber Production

Burak Birkan

Polymer Assisted Fabrication Of Nanoparticles On Electrospun Nanofibers” August 2009

Yeşim Müge Çalık (Şahin)

Detailed Investigation On Polycarbonate Synthesis And Molecular Design Of Novel Liquid Crystalline Polycarbonates In Scco2 Media” Phd Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, June, 2006

Kazım Acatay

Generation Of Superhydrophobic Surfaces By Electrospinning Process" Phd Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, 2004

Özge Malay

2006 - present : PhD student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University.

Eren Şimsek

Dr. Şimşek is graduated in 2012 and successfully pursues his carrer in AKSA Company. His interests cover superhydrophobic surfaces and their potential life science applications; synthesis of fluorinated polymers; electrospinning; synthesis and applications of antimicrobial materials.

Haluk Konyalı

Haluk Konyali, “Long Time Stress Relaxation Of Unfilled And Filled Amorphous Networks Under Uniaxial Tension” (Jointly Supervised W Burak Erman) Phd Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, June, 2008

Funda Çelebi (İnceoğlu)

“High Performance Biodegradable Starch/Ldpe Nanocomposites Prepared Wia Twin Screw Extruder” Phd Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, Aug., 2007

Mustafa Demir

Solution Processing: Fabrication And Characterization Of Polymeric Nanocomposite Films And Polystyrene Nanoparticles" Phd Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, 2004

MSc Alumni

Aslıhan Örüm

2011-present : MSc student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Ayça Abakay

Ayça has received her MSc in 2012. Her research in AC2PL majored on TiO2 Nanoparticles, Sol-Gel Process, Self Cleaning Surfaces, and Photocatalyts.

Cahit Dalgıçdir

"Investigation Of Barrier Properties Of Pet/Evoh And Peti/Evoh Blends", July 2009 (Dr. Ozen Co Advisor

Cenk Gümeci

“Development And Characterizaton Of Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers For Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells” Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, Aug 2007

Kerem Gören

"Intumescent Flame Retardants: Syntheses, Characterisation And Blending With Polyolefins Via Reactive Extrusion" Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, Aug 2006

Nalan Bilgin

Synthesis Of Fluorinated Segment Containing Oligomers Fro Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Applications" Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, 2003

Kinyas Aydın PhD Candidate

2011-present : MSc Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Erim ÜlkümenPhD Candidate

2010-present : MSc Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Burcu Özel

Burcu is graduated in 2011 and continues her career in industry. Polymer‐nano‐particle interaction, rheology and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications take place between her research interests.

Gülay Bozoklu

“Improvement In Gas Permeability Of Polymers Used In Packaging Industry With Nano-Sized Morphology” Sabanci University, July 2008 (Dr. Ozen Co Advisor)

Burcu Saner

"Biodegradable Nanofiber Webs With Oxygen Carrying Systems For Potential Biomedical Applications” Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, Aug 2007

Mesut Ünal

"Preparation And Characterization Of Sebs-Clay Nanocomposites" Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, 2004

Oguzhan Oguz

Oguzhan Oguz “Numerical Analysis Of Peo-Based Thermoplastic Polyurethane Silica Nanocomposites” Itu, (Jointly Supervised W Ersin Serhatli)

Sinan O Yördem-Co Supervisor

"Piezoelectric Ultrafine Polymer And Ceramic Fibers By Electrospinning" Msc Thesis (Mat), Sabanci University, July 2006

Nimet Bölgen, -Co Supervisor

"Productıon Of Nonwoven Matrıces From L-Lactıde And E–Caprolactone Homo And Copolymers By Electrospınıng" Ms Thesis (Chem Eng), Hacettepe University, 2005

Canan Baristıran

"Template Synthesis Of Poly(N-Methylpyrrole) & Polypyrrole Based Supercapacitor Fabrication And Characterization" Msc. Thesis (Mat) Sabanci University Aug 2007 (Jointly Supervised W Yuda Yurum)

Aysegül Namuslu,-Co Supervisor

"Synthesıs Of L-Lactıde/ E-Caprolactone Homo Polymers And Copolymers By Anıonıc Rıng Openıng Polymerızatıon Reactıons In Supercrıtıcal Co2" Ms Thesis (Chem Eng), Hacettepe University, 2005

Leaders for Industry (LFI) Students (Double Degree Program, MSc in Management and Engineering)

  • Koray Aras SLP-(2009) (Kordsa)
  • Sema Yavuz –SLP-(2008) (Kordsa)
  • Serhat Tosun-SLP- (2007) (Brisa)
  • Göknil Yasar-SLP- w M Papila (2006) (Kordsa)
  • Kerem Güzel-SLP- w M A Gulgun (2006) (Kale Group)
  • Tahsin Göksu-SLP- (2006) (Brisa)
  • Yücel Cömert, SLP -Graduated 2004 (2005-Brisa)
  • Ipek Uzpeder, SLP -Graduated 2003 (Kordsa)


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