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The Drawing Theatre to the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw
A Dancing girl and in front of her, on the floor, students sketching her every movement.

The show of Drawing Theatre performed by the students from Turkey and an actress Anna Rakowska was seen/watched on Monday,27th January at 10 a.m at Wroclaw Fine Art Academy (auditorium hall in Polish Sq.3/4).

" Instead of drawing a moving model I suggested the students a more inspiring task..." says  prof. Wieslaw Zaremba.
"They draw the actress dancing. In this they can see the choreographer's intentions, the attention focused on the elements of the movement which they normally cannot notice as they seem not to exist... "tells the profesor.
 One day I was sketching live a dancing performance and I noticed in the work of the choreographer the recallings to a Breughel painting. The dancers repeated the movements of the blind from the famous painting.
The Show of Drawing Theatre VA 323 Course of figurative drawing is an artistic action organised within the cooperation between the City Galery in Wroclaw and Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw and the students of Sabanci University in Stambul spervised by prof. Wieslaw Zaremba. The following people will participate in the action: Ege Okal, Dogu Akar, Eylul Guler, Molly Burns and a Polish actress Anna Rakowska. The author of the film being made during the show is Dilay Ozguven.
During the Wroclaw show the audience can watch the film with a Turkish actress dancing.
The Show of Drawing Theatre 323 Course of figurative drawing organized  whithin the cooperation of the Wroclaw City Gallery and Eugeniusz  Geppert  Fine Art students and Turkish University  artistic Students of the second year.
During the performance they draw the dancing actress who performs a combination of classical ballet and modern dance.
The process of drawing is equally led by the dancer and the students. Both partners can exert influence on each other. The dancer can perform certain poses asked by the drawing students to do or she can also change the movements of her body by herself. All this leads to the untypical exchange of eperiences,  recallings, inspiration.
Prof. Wieslaw Zaremba is a painter and graphic artist. He studied at The State Higher School of Fine Art in Gdansk, where in 1980 he got an MA degree in the Painting Workshop under the supervision of prof. Kazimierz Ostrowski. He worked at Gdansk Artistic School till 2002. Currently he is working at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.
The admission to Monday Show of Drawing Theatre is free.



The student’ s cultural backgrounds play a very important part in the drawings in the course VA 323 Figure Drawing. Pulling their memories into the actress’ performance, which they then portray in their works. The actress also brings her own background and interpretations to the performance, which gives the students a chance to study unexpected body language and facial expressions. Culturally specific gestures and body language is used in the performance to place the actress in Turkey.

 Wieslaw Zaremba have done hundreds of sketches in few seconds while he was watching the Bremen Dance Theater in Germany in 1980’s. This practice is the basic task of the course “Figure Drawing”. Thanks to friends of Zaremba from Bremen Theatre who were Julie Shanahan and Orlando Fornaris, he could study the rehearsal of “Föhn” by Rainhield Hoffman. He had found out that this experience was very close to Polish Tadeusz Kantor “Theater of Death”.





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